2021 Ski Doo 850 Turbo Vs NA 850 and Turbo Polaris 850

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We took a 3 hour tip with the 2021 Ski-Doo 850 Turbo to 500 Ft snow drags. We ran against a Polaris 850 with a Boondocker Turbo kit

The sled is getting faster with each thing I do. Also took the sled out on the river to compare with a Ski-Doo MXz 850 TNT that was geared with triggers and ran against another Ski-doo 850 renegade.

The sled was also flashed with Bikemans Stage 2 performance flash the sled had around 70% left with break in. Hoping this week I get the proper gearing in this pig and see what it can really do!
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