[4th Anniversary] Partners: 4 Years Journey with PUBG | PUBG

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For our 4th anniversary, one of our favorite content creators Dearsomeone got in touch with some of the PUBG Partners and asked them to share their own stories about the Battlegrounds.
In this short film, Partners reflect on what PUBG means to them. In the midst of all the battles – through all the Chicken Dinners – dreams have been realized, lifelong friendships have been built and together we’ve created a community that truly transcends the Battlegrounds.
So happy 4th anniversary, here is to many more!

Special thanks to: 10000days, Alisa, Apvideo, Batulins, Blyyyplays, Break, Carranco, Chocotaco, Dahmien7, Danucd, Gagod, Grizz, Halifax, Hambinooo, Hckerjack, Ibiza, Kittykosmos, Kritikal, Missandieftw, Mithrain, Myles_away, Notthatwillsmith, Pokamolodoy, Rebelwxlf, Sansensworld, Spreeezy, Taryn, Wackyjacky101

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