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My dreadlocks timeline! Showing my hair from before dreadlocks, right the way through to being over 5 years old!

A look at my 67 months of dreadlocks compressed into 2 minutes. The length and texture jump about quite a lot!

I'm Chris, I live in Sheffield in the UK. I'm currently 21 and I've had Dreadlocks for over 6 years. Over this time I've seen, heard and experienced most things that can and will happen to people who choose this particular hair 'style' and I hope to pass and post some of this knowledge on here.

My Dreadlocks were started in May 2007. They were originally started using the backcomb method. Unfortunately at the time of me taking my dreads, there was no Lazy Dread blog! So I wasn't aware of the dangers of now I know first hand. The dreadlocks that were initially formed via the wax and backcomb were hard, stiff and retained water (so were difficult to dry). Dirt also sticks to the wax and it's really hard to clean. I probably had around 8 inch dreadlocks to begin with and as soon as they started to gain length I cut off all the original dread length. So the dreadlocks I have left on my head are 100% wax free and 100% formed by natural processes as I have not re-backcombed. That is why I recommend choosing your starting process, be it backcomb, neglect or twist and rip etc and the leave them alone. They won't need touching up and they definitely don't need wax!

I've had various length dreads now from the same set (I've only had one continuous set of dreads over the years). I cut all the original growth and now I tend to cut them right back before summer. I like to vacation in summer and they're much easier to wash and dry when they're shorter. Also much easier to swim!
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