700HP Audi 200 2.2 20V Turbo Quattro - Autobahn Top Speed Run - POV Acceleration

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Here we have a extreme boosted Audi 200 S4 20V Turbo Quattro. Audi was tuned by by JEMO Motorsport and mapped by TME. A large Holset HX40 Super turbocharger was installed. So it is possible Audi 200 S4 to reach 700HP. Hello and welcome to my channel "Car Acceleration TV". With the sleeper we drove on the German Autobahn, with no speed limit. Enjoy the top speed run with the unique Audi 200 S4 20V Turbo Quattro. Old Audis never die, they just get faster! I think it´s a real sleeper. Tuning guys from JEMO Motorsport did an excellent job. In the video you can experience the Autobahn acceleration and we drove close to top speed. Enjoy this ultimate turbo monster with 5cylinder turbo engine!

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