8 Track Railroad Crossing At Abandoned Military Base, Madison Railroad Diamond, Moving Storage Cars

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Huge 8 Track Level Railroad Crossing in the middle of a freight yard. Railroad diamond and tilting target signal in use on Madison Railroad. The abandoned military base Jefferson Proving Ground is the location of the rare railroad crossing and all tracks are in service. A train is seen leaving the back gate at the base on Madison Railroad. The train is seen leaving the base north of Madison Indiana and then passing downtown Dupont, Indiana. Next we pace the train and see it pass a level crossing near Vernon. The final scene shows the train at the classic railroad diamond in North Vernon. You can see the tilting signal target being used so that the train can cross the CSX diamond on its way to take storage cars from the military base to the CSX 6 track yard in North Vernon. I am working on videos that will show the complete military base and will show the train crossing both tracks at the diamond. Madison Railroad is a short line railroad that does a huge business in storage cars. The military base has a maze of tracks that run all over the place and has hundreds of cars that are stored there until the owners need them. Madison Railroad operates on and CSX operates on I have other videos of Madison Railroad, CSX in North Vernon and the Madison Incline which is the steepest railroad grade in America. Filmed on January 22, 2021. Thanks for watching! This is one of my first videos recorded in 4K so make sure you have the video set for 4K. Here is a video of 8 railroad diamonds in one place as seen from the railroad tower! .Check out this video of a train interrupting Santa Light Up LaGrange Celebration!
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Madison Incline, Steepest Grade In America!

Madison Railroad Crossing The Diamond!

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CSX Santa Train!

Train Passes Through Crowded Neighborhood!

Female Engineer On Street Running Train!

Closest House In America To A Railroad Line!

Stung By Hornets For Playing Electric Guitar Under Nest!!

Man Carries Bike Across Moving Train!

Abandoned Railroad Coming Back To Life!

Most Dangerous Railroad Employee Action Ever!!

Jerk Flips Off Railfan!

Stupid Railfans Way Too Close To Fast Train!

Street Running Steam Train!
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