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With the Subnautica Below Zero, we have a lot of Alterra locations in the game to check out. We have the bases, which I have already covered in another video, and then we have Tech Sites which are what this video is about. The tech sites are the smaller locations which still offer us things like Data Boxes, PDAs, and scans. With so many of them though, it can be hard to find them all so in this video I show you exactly where to find every single Alterra Tech Site in Below Zero.
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0:00 Subnautica Below Zero Alterra Tech Site Locations
0:35 Emergency Cache
1:09 Kelp Tech Site 1
2:28 Floating Platform Site
2:51 Twisty Tech Site 1
3:07 Twisty Tech Site 2
3:34 Twisty Tech Site 3
4:02 Twisty Grow Beds Platform
4:33 Delta Dock
5:08 Delta Tech Site
5:41 Phi Robotics Dock
6:12 Glacial Basin Site
7:06 Thumper Site 1
7:28 Thumper Site 2
7:51 Ice Worm Module Site
8:25 Teleporter Site
9:35 Extra Locations

Subnautica Below Zero Guides & Tips ►
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