Bihar के Buxar में नदी में मिली थीं लाशें, Police ने चुपचाप UP में घुस लिया बड़ा एक्शन | Corona

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As news of Covid-19 related deaths continue to send shock waves across the country, people recently witnessed horrific visuals at the Mahadev Ghat in Bihar's Buxar. Day after dozens of bodies, bloated and in various stages of decay, washed up on Monday on the banks of the Ganga in Chausa block of Bihar’s Buxar district, similar sightings were reported on the banks of the river in Ghazipu district of Uttar Pradesh. The bodies are suspected to be those of Covid-19 patients who were dumped in the river, revealing the scale of Covid emergency in India. Though the Buxar district administration claimed that the bodies are from Uttar Pradesh. In order to reveal the truth, the Buxar Administration crossed the state border to enter Uttar Pradesh and found that the bodies were thrown into the river in UP and reached Buxar while floating. Watch the video to know the truth.

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