Do you have COCKATRICE DRAGON? - Dragon Mania Legends

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Do you have COCKATRICE DRAGON? - Dragon Mania Legends

Only a few more days until the Origin of Earth event begins! ???? With the event milestones, you'll receive valuable rewards just for playing the event. Head here to check out the full list of fun events and awesome rewards that await you in the Origin of Earth! ???? ▶️

The Ancient Event is almost here! Here is the breakdown of the milestone rewards that you'll be able to unlock as you progress through this exciting event.

As usual, for additional milestone rewards and extra Earthstones to collect, you can purchase the Earthstone Shrine. The brand-new Warthog Dragon will be available, which has the elements of Energy, Earth and Metal; and you'll be able to collect parts of the Ancient Fundiju Dragon as well! Of course, these special dragons come on top of the Gems, Ancient Tickets, Relics and other rewards that you'll be able to get.

Check out the milestones of Ancient Earth and prepare for the next time-travelling adventure! ;)

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