Dragon Age 4 | 10 Things I Want To See

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Today I’m exploring ten things I’d like to see in the next Dragon Age as I share my very own comprehensive and subjective list. Let me know what one thing you would like to see in the next Dragon Age. You have until April 30th, so share in the comments down below or tweet at me. I will take at least thirty of the community’s best ideas and put them in a follow-up video after the deadline date.


00:00 Introduction

01:13 Improved Character Creator

02:48 Faction-Based Origin Stories

04:16 A Fulfilling Antagonist

06:46 A More Linear Approach

08:45 Impactful Choices & Consequences

10:02 A Dynamic Hub

11:01 Less Familiarity

14:02 Tighter & More Intricate Combat

16:37 More Fulfilling Romances

17:55 Closure With The Inquisitor & Solas

19:22 Outro

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