Dragon Ball Legends: NEW Special Quotes & Interactions [Part 1] [W/UI Goku, Gogeta, & More]

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A video that I’ve been holding off on doing for a very long time. This video takes into account a “compilation” of the Special Quotes & Interactions for Dragon Ball Legends. There are a huge amount of unique interactions in this game. In fact, I’d say I prefer the pre battle dialogue in this game, compared to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The problem is that without a dedicated VS Mode against the CPU, the only way you can trigger these dialogues is if you do story & events. And even your hit, your quote stops

The only way I was only able to even make this feasible was because I now have access to the voice files of this game(which i’m still organizing). Either way, this is only part 1. There will be more parts in the future.

The characters in this video include:
Super Buu
Goku Black
Perfect Cell
Super Saiyan God Vegeta
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta
SSB Goku
Super Gogeta
Omega Shenron
Trio of Danger
Ultra Instinct Omen Goku
SSB Vegito
SSB Gogeta
SSJ4 Vegeta
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