Dragon VS PEKKA VS Archer Tower | Clash of Clans

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Today we gonna see dragon and in action everyone! PEKKA and Dragon will be battling each other but not directly (obviously) but using some kind of medium called Archer Tower. We all know that archer tower is basic defense building that can deal damage to air unit and ground unit so it should be fine for both troops and can be role playing as judge in this epic duel.

Dragon as we also know is generic air unit that almost exists in every videogame. Dragon in Clash of Clans not so different. It can deal good amount of damage to any enemies and have decent durability for enduring damage from defense or other troops. Dragon, overall is good troops and really easy to use.

PEKKA is ground troops and she is considered to be the most powerful troops in Clash of Clans Universe. This guy can lift a rock and ruin a city with just standing still (nah just kidding). PEKKA is amazing troop and we can easily use it as easy as dragon. She has great durability and can deal massive amount of single damage using her so called sword. PEKKA is a great troop nothing more nothing less.

Archer Tower is defense building. While it contain archer it has difference stat from actual archer. It can deal high single target damage to ground or air unit, accompanied by great range this defense is almost as deadly as x-bow. We can have maximum 8 archer towers in Clash of Clans but for this duel we only gonna use 4 archer towers since we only use 1 pekka and dragon (it's all about balance everyone!).

what do you say?
Who's gonna win this epic duel?
Dragon with his breath?
with his armor?
Archer Tower with its archer?

Let's see and enjoy!
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