Fallout: The Frontier (New Vegas Mod Overhaul) - Frontier Slavery and Donovan's Revenge #6

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Welcome to Fallout: The Frontier, the largest mod overhaul for Fallout: New Vegas. Here begins the journey of an old grizzled veteran, a man whose past will be revealed in chapters. Finn Harper travels for pay alone and the NCR Exiles are offering a sizable bounty. From the Mojave to Portland we go and boy, let me tell you. We're going to be in for a trip of survival.

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Series Playlist:

0:00 Finn's Tale
1:59 Future of Fallout
2:33 Trip to the Northeast
3:38 Abandoned Outpost and Scavs
8:34 Battle with the Legion
11:57 Irvington
16:10 Nighttime Mountains
22:04 Python's Cave
31:09 Outside Again
32:44 Sanctuary
49:30 White Rabbit Hole
51:21 Dan's House
55:21 Liberation From Guilt
1:02:27 Outro

Download The Frontier here:

If you're not used to modding, wait for the Steam release. Otherwise you will have to explicitly follow instructions with the Nexus version in order to play.

Please use their Discord for tech help:

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