HOOD AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! | Weak Hero Reaction (Part 12)

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Weak Hero is by Seopass! You can read it for free on Webtoons below:

We return with more of my Weak Hero reaction. Last time we watched as the Hyeongshin High vs Eujang High gang war started. Now our heroes are getting jumped by a bunch of aggressors, but things turn out differently. What looks like it might be the end for our boys, actually turns into the beginning of something beautiful.

[EDITOR] - Aakash Vasava

Intro - 00:00
Weak Hero episode 54 - 00:24
Weak Hero episode 55 - 04:41
Weak Hero episode 56 - 10:18
Weak Hero episode 57 - 12:33
Weak Hero episode 58 - 15:23
Weak Hero episode 59 - 15:23

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