Iran Attacks Secret CIA Site! The White House Unnerved! How Could Complex Attack on Secret U.S. Base

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Iran Attacks Secret CIA Site! The White House Unnerved! How Could Complex Attack on Secret Base
After the Iranian revolutionary guards commander Qassem Soleimani was killed in a US drone attack in Iraq, Iranian militants in Iraq virtually declared war on the US army. Especially in 2021, we witnessed many attacks by Iranian militants on US military bases and US soldiers. Staying away from direct confrontation, the Iranian-backed militants preferred to carry out attacks with missiles and drones. On the other hand, mysterious explosions and accidents continue in Iran. Recently, it has been discussed in the international media that Iranian militants have managed to attack even the most strategic US facilities. But could Iran have even succeeded in targeting secret CIA facilities? How could they do this?
It turned out that Iranian-backed militias were able to target a "secret CIA hangar" using a drone in April. This attack hit a hangar in Erbil in the autonomous Kurdistan region.
As US and Iranian drones dueling in Iraq, is there a new drone world order developing in the Middle East?
Let's start to examine the details together.

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