JACKSEPTICEYE [OLD 2020 STREAM] I have never played Animal Crossing before | (19/03/2020)

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Time stamps:
- Stream start: 00:00:00
- Chatting: 00:00:00-00:07:36 and 02:33:58-03:19:12
- Animal Crossing: New Horizons gameplay: 00:07:36-02:33:58

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Games in this stream:
- Animal Crossing: New Horizons
- Just Chatting

These videos are uploaded for people who do not have access to (the subscriber feature of) Twitch or certain streamers/content creators. This can also contain streams that Twitch has deleted off of their website or that streamers have deleted themselves. It always bugged me to not be able to (re)watch my favorite streams anymore, so I thought I'd help other people with that problem.

All credit goes to the streamers/content creators.
If any streamer/content creator wants me to take down a video please contact me.
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