Kaldheim Spoilers — January 8 | Elf Planeswalker, Treasure Dragon, Sagas, Color Pie Breaks and More!

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It's day two of Kaldheim spoilers and today we get to look Tyvar Kell, a super powerful Elf planeswalker, a Treasure-making mana doubling Dragon, Giants, Sagas, blue removal and more! Let's break it down!

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0:00 Start
0:40 Goldspan Dragon
7:56 Reflections of Littjara
11:57 Tyvar Kell
18:35 Kolvori / The Ringhart Crest
22:34 Calamity Bearer
26:23 Ravenform
28:58 Forging the Tyrite Sword
30:16 Bretagard Stronghold
31:20 Other Stuff
34:10 Wrap Up
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