Kyrgyzstan - A Journey into Asia's Largest Animal Market

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Karakol Kyrgyzstan, a city and country you've probably never hear of, but if you like adventure this is definitely the place to go. Join me in this chaotic congregation Central Asia’s largest animal market. Farmers and livestock owners from all over Kyrgyzstan travel to the city of Karakol every Sunday morning to sell, buy and trade their livestock. Just be glad you don't have to smell what you're watching, because it was very intense.

Before the pandemic hit last year, I was able to travel to Kyrgyzstan, no masks. This brand new video is part of that trip that I've kept in archive until the world was ready and more accessible to travel again.

This is part of my "Conquer The World Video Series" that's a bit different than my other videos as I'm trying something new, let me know your feedback and hope you enjoy it.

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