Montezuma's Revenge - Sleeping Beauty (Exhumed)

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Produced by Montezuma's Revenge and Kirill Frolov
Director, DOP - Kirill Frolov
Camera - Vasily Cobileanu
Gaffer - Alexander Samulekin
Edit - Sergey Leonchik, Kirill Frolov
Color - Vasily Cobileanu

Firecat Films, 2020.


“Sleeping Beauty (Exhumed)” - is the second single from the upcoming album “” by Moscow’s progressive sludgers Montezuma’s Revenge.

The recording is a reimagined and sonically transgressed version of an early piece, which can be heard as a raw demo on the band’s debut offering.


This video was shot during the recording of the single in and around the DTH studios where Montezuma has been recording for many years. DTH sits in an old factory building in Moscow and it is a very special place for the band and many fellow underground musicians, so it was decided to put it on film. The factory’s unique look comes from it’s construction, which began before the Russian revolution and continued after clashing robust imperial facades with stark boldness of early soviet industrial constructivism.

Montezuma's Revenge is a 4-piece sludge-factory from Moscow, Russia.
Smudging clubs and studio walls with fat, dirt and sweat since 2004. With 2 LP's in the 2010-s and steady live action the band have put themselves on the map of the local underground community as well as on radars of international style aficionados. In the 10-s Montezuma shared Russian stages with Crowbar, Mastodon, Down, The Shrine, Red Fang and many more acts of transatlantic fame.
Reformed and recharged, Montezuma's electric tractor is back on the miserable track in 2020. It’s coming fast and it’s coming for you!
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