Nissan Magnite 2020 | First service experience | Magnite nissan | Magnite non turbo service cost

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MAGNITE की पहली सर्विस का क्या एक्सपीरियंस रहा?

Nissan magnite 2020 | First service experience | magnite nissan | Magnite non turbo service cost

hello friends today in this video you are watching the owner feedback on Magnite non-turbo engine first service।

we have conducted a meeting with the very first owner of nissan Magnite in Gurugram, and taken feedback from the owner if nissan magnite 2020 xv non turbo variant.

xv non turbo engine is comes with 999 cc, 72 bhp and 96 nm torque.
so peoples think the non-turbo natural espirated Petrol engine is under powered in nissan magnite 2020.
thats why contact to the customer and take feed back from him on the performance of nissan magnite 2020 non turbo petrol engine.

the same engine is used in nissan Magnite 2020 base model and nissan magnite XL non turbo and nissan magnite xv premium non turbo variants as well.
so you can take it as magnite XE non turbo petrol engine performance.
and as xl non turbo and xv premium non turbo natural espirated petrol engine.

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in this video you are going to watch the first service experience of nissan magnite 2020 XV non turbo model |

Nissan Magnite 2020 launched on 2nd December 2020 and nissam Magnite price in india is so less as per the features and Magnite nissan is a good featured car.
deliveries of nissan magnite 2020 is started from 25th December 2020.

Nissan Magnite 2020 price in india is starts from lacks ex showroom for base model XE variant and goes up to lacks for top midel XV premium turbo . so nissan Magnite is the best and cheapest sub 4 meter compact suv in india.

Nissan Magnite is availavle only in petrol engine option as liter natural and turbo charged petrol engine.

it is available in manual transmission and CVT option as well.

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