Not another Need for Speed Most Wanted stream...

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Welcome to the part 2 of Need for Speed Most Wanted. Can we beat Need for Speed Most Wanted before the end of this week? Let's find out in this stream! Enjoy! In the previous episode, we sold Earl's ride to scrape for performance parts.

Q: You lost a race?!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!! I'M GONNA UNSUB!!!11
A: This is a chill stream. Relax.

Q: Will you beat this in one go?
A: Depending on how long the game is. Will only stream for 8 hours. If not, we will try again the next day.

Q: How often will you stream?
A: I'll stream whenever it's convenient. Formal streams will be announced ahead of time. Anything live out of the whim is likely because it's just a grind on a game filled with DLCs or one of the smaller games.

Q: The world gets dark every time you hit nitrous.
A: I know. I can see clearly even when it happens. Not too much of a concern.

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Game: Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)
Console: PC
Controller: Logitech F310

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