Porsche Taycan Turbo Range Test in Cold & Damp Conditions | 100% Independent, 100% Electric

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What happens when German engineering meets British weather? Robert range tests the Taycan Turbo. It's a Porsche so it's pretty incredible, but does the battery meet expectations?

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0:00 German engineering v British weather
0:47 The Trip
2:44 How much?
3:10 The Range
4:12 Quality Throughout
4:49 Regenerative Braking
8:02 Charging with 35 EVs for Chargegasm episode
10:00 Bladder Anxiety
10:27 Faster & Faster Charging
11:58 Porsche pushed by Tesla
14:25 Journey's End
15:42 Bobby made a Boo-Boo
16:00 Subscribe & Support Us

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