Renault Duster Turbo 2020 Review In Hindi | पुरानी, लेकिन मज़ेदार! |

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Renault Duster Turbo 2020 India: prices start from Rs lakh.
Renault Duster Turbo automatic gets a CVT; starts at Rs lakh
Renault Duster Turbo power: 156PS. Torque: 254Nm.

Renault’s Duster Turbo is trying to fill in the shoes of the punchy and frugal dCi diesel engine. It gets a turbocharged motor that delivers 156PS of power and 254Nm of torque. What’s more, you can have this engine with a 6-speed manual as well as a CVT.

That said, the Duster is beginning to show its age. Interior design and quality could’ve been better and the features list is quite bare-bones too. However, it retains it’s core strengths of cabin space, boot space and comfortable ride quality.

Should you spend the extra money for the Turbo? Or is the petrol engine more than enough to meet your everyday needs? Here’s the answer!
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