REVENGE of The Badge Bonanza [3] "We Live In a Hammer Society"

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Get your hammer, men!

The rules are simple:
- I have to equip every badge I find
- Once my BP runs out, I can choose any badge to unequip. If I still don't have enough BP for the new badge, the co-comms can choose a badge to unequip. This cycle continues until every newly obtained badge can be equiped.
- I can buy one item/badge per rest floor, but if I choose to buy something so can the co-comms.

The Pit of Infinite Trials is a Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door mod made by Jdaster64.
In this mod, Mario will be fighting an infinite amount of random enemies that only grow stronger the farther he goes.
There's random rewards, badges, partners, Special Moves, balance changes AND MORE! I couldn't do this mod justice in a single description, so I would highly recommend checking out the trailer and guide.


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