Stalker 2 Release Date | NEW Dev Update + Details

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Stalker 2 Release Date (April 4/2021) - Last week GSC World showed off new updated player and weapon models from 2. Along with new details from a Russian mag interview.

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0:50 NEW Dev Update info
3:40 Russian Interview
8:00 My Opinion/Analysis

➖ MORE 2 Info ➖

Q: When is S2 coming out?
A: Still no official release date, yet. However, they have confirmed that the "2021" release date was a mistake.

Q: Will it being coming to Playstation
A: According to GSC Gameworld - S2 is exclusive to the Xbox

Q: What platform do you “Chris BMB” play on?
A: I mainly play on Xbox (Xbox One X), but I do occasionally play on PC.

Q: Why aren't my comments showing up?
Answer 1: Sometimes Youtube's algorithm will put comments in the "Hold for Review" folder. I try to answer/check comments everyday but I can fall behind.
Answer 2: In rare cases I will remove someone's right to comment due to trolling.

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"The Traveler's Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success" -

"DARE: The New Way to End Anxiety and Panic Attacks" -

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