Taking Revenge or Forgiveness in Islam by Soban Attari | Motivational Video

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How tot take revenge in Islam? How Islam allow us to take revenge. What are the most common benefits to ignore and Forgiveness in Islam. In this WhatsApp status video Soban attari is explaining the best way to take revenge and provide us the strongest material about from his valuable experience.
An Official Channel of preacher Soban Attari. Soban Attari is a famous personality on social media and also in Dawateislami. He is also a host of a program "Islam and Science" on the Biggest Islamic channel Madani Channel. In this platform, we will provide Islamic videos with authentic scientific research that how Science is related to our Islam. We will show the real message of Islam and relate it to modern science. Soban Attari is also one of the best motivational speakers. He and his team hold Training Sessions twice a week in which a Motivational Lecture is Delivered by Soban Attari. He delivered a lecture on all top hierarchical universities like LUMS, UCP, UMT, FAST, UET, COMSATS, Punjab University, and too many other institutes as well.
Our motive is to show up the real message of Islam in front of the world. How science works on the rules of Islam and how you can learn in a better way.

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