बदला लेने का नंबर १ तरीका | The Best Way to Take Revenge | Life Coaching With Namita Purohit

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Have you ever been wronged and wished you could punish the person who harmed you?

???? Watch our this live talk show with our in-house Life Coach Namita Purohit. And understand the need for revenge and the best way to take it so you are uplifted physically, psychologically and spiritually.

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0:00 Introduction
1:33 Address your Feeling of Revenge
5:20 Our need for revenge
12:00 Revenge & Disease(Visualization)
20:58 Heal Your Hurt (Feel Breathe Comfort)
30:38 Karmic Lessons
41:50 BEST WAY to take REVENGE
52:32 Neglect & Insult
55:07 Anger Towards Loved Ones
58:08 Lifestyle to heal vengeful feelings
1:02:04 Abusive Words
1:04:46 Anger towards Elders
1:10:02 Bad Tendencies
1:12:24 Release Suppressed Emotions
1:16:16 Parents treat me like a child
1:19:46 Negative thoughts towards people
1:22:38 Loved ones become enemies
1:24:55 I want an apology
1:27:26 When you are cheated by your loved ones
1:31:22 Hateful words from the mother
1:35:00 Visualization: Heal, Forgive & Re-channelize your energy
1:42:14 Audience Experience
1:52:09 Closing!

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