We Found Footage Of A Stalker Spying On Us!

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We took a look at the binoculars we found in the abandoned car, and made an unsettling discovery.

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00:00 - Recap from previous videos as well as a sneak peak at what's to come.
00:41 - The Binoculars Record? - Matt and the team theorize about the creepy binoculars and what their next steps should be.
03:08 - Is There An SD Card? - After retrieving the binoculars from the vault, the team gives it a thorough look-over and make some interesting
04:49 - Disconnected From The Network - The search is now on for an expendable computer that the team can use for their investigation.
06:35 - 45 Minutes Of Searching - A minor setback threatens to derail the team but they eventually find the machinery and hardware they need to continue.
11:13 - Back In The Vault - Once back in the safe and surrounded by evidence, the team looks through keywords they've come across that they could use as a password.
15:51 - What's On It? - After gaining access to the SD card, the team makes some disturbing
24:13 - Can We Repair AVI Files? - Matt finds janky software that he needs to repair a file but it's not what he was expecting.
26:20 - NEXT TIME

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